January 16, 2011

Weekly Weigh IN~~~

Diana and I joined the W.W. two Monday’s ago  in accordance with my new year “goal” of losing weight.  We wanted to get started right away but wanted to go to meetings on Saturdays.   So yesterday was our first weigh in day……

I told Diana that I would be happy with any loss I had because it was a step in the right direction.  I am happy to say that I lost 3.6 pounds!  Not as large of a loss as 00422-daily-cartoons-losing-weightother people had in the group though.  One lady had a 7 lb. drop and another had an 11 lb. drop!  But I know slow and steady will win the race.  I just need to keep focused on MY goal and not worry about how they lost so much more than I did.  

This new W.W. plan is pretty good, I like it.  Most fruits and veggies are “free” points and considering that I love fruit, I have found it easier to stay on track and within my point target.  Brian is following along with me and is also participating in a challenge he put together at work as a wellness incentive.   It makes it easier to cook and shop with both of us eating healthier.  And Conner will reap the benefits too.


DSC_0725Speaking of Conner…….he had his winter formal dance last night.  He and his girlfriend “Mac” looked sooooooo beautiful!  Another mom had a fancy dinner at her home for a group of kids which was so very nice for the kids.  Conner and Mac had a wonderful time at the dinner and the dance.  Conner said it was so much more fun this year….and why was it more fun?……because he actually DANCED!  I told him it is much more fun at a dance if you actually dance.  So this year he did and came home drenched in sweat.  So I KNOW he had fun!

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