February 9, 2012

That time of year again…

It’s that time of year again…. When I go crazy trying to finish the gifts I’m making for the Illini ladies swim team for the Big 10’s.    This year I decided on making them mittens from recycled sweaters.  So I spent my summer and fall searching garage sales and Goodwill for cute sweaters to use. 

This is what 39 pair of recycled sweater mittens looks like.  I hope they like them.  They were fun to make and Caitlin helped me A TON by helping cut the liners during Christmas break.  Thanks Cait!



Two years ago I made the girls these cute “ugly dolls”.  And last year I made them these personalized recycled tee-shirt bags.  What will I do now that she is graduating? 

February 1, 2012

Senior Night

Last Thursday was Senior Night where they honor the senior swimmers before their last home meet.  Brian flew in for the weekend so he could be a part of the special night.  To our great surprise…Caitlin showed up, and just in time.  She didn’t tell us she was coming…as a matter of fact when I asked her if she wanted to come she said she had a group project she had to work on.  So imagine our surprise when they started calling the boys and their families up and they were on the first boy (Conner was the 4th boy to go) she RAN in and said “Hi Mom”.  Well, Brian was having a hard time keeping it together before then, that was all he needed to push him off the edge.  What a wonderful surprise for her brother.  The night was just perfect for Conner.  Time sure does fly….DSC_1272



I know these wonderful young people will do great things with their lives. I love them all!