September 6, 2009

New Etsy shop

After much day dreaming, I've opened an Etsy shop on I LOVE this website and will sit for hours looking at all the neat stuff people make and sell. I've made bunco game boxes and sold them on eBay before and my friend Diana thought that I should try and sell them on etsy. Well....after many months of thinking about it I've decided to do it. I've also started making funky little gift/trinket boxes as well. I really just love to sit and create them. Truly, I'm obsessed right now. :) Well, in my first week I have an order from a lady that owns a little retail gift shop in Texas for 6 of the bunco game boxes and I've sold another one on etsy. I'm hoping that I can sell a few here and there just so that I can keep making them.

Visit with Mother

Last week my mom came for a visit. My sister Cindy was driving back to S.C. from Colorado and my mom rode along. Cindy drove through so that she could drop my mom off for a visit. It was nice to see them both. Cindy stayed for a few days and then headed home and my Mom stayed until last Tuesday. I truly enjoyed having her here to visit. We took a little road trip to Champaign IL to visit with Cait and take a tour of the college and new apartment. It was a perfect day weather wise and company wise. I was sad to see her go...but she had to get home for her next round of company, my nephew and his wife and 3 young children. That will have the house hopping. :)