January 9, 2011

It’s a New Year!!

Well, it’s 2011!  I chuckle when I think back to December 1999, when people were building shelters in the desert because this was “IT”… Y2K…when the computers would stop working and havoc would descend on the world.  And here we are in 2011 with Ipads and 4G networks.  My how the world has changed in this short time.

This year I have some resolutions.  I don’t normally make resolutions because I inevitably end up coming up short.  But this year is different…I swear!  This year my resolutions are as follows (in no significant order): 

1) USE COUPONS!!! This is a no brainer.  Just a few minutes MaxineClipCouponseach week clipping coupons saves money……this is not hard so why have I avoided it?  LAZY…I am lazy.   So this year I’m back to clipping and have a plan to take the money I save and transfer it into our “vacation” fund.  This should be great incentive to keep me focused on this resolution.

2) BLOG MORE!  Again…LAZY.  Facebook took over my “blogging”, but blog%20boardnow I’m committed to blogging more regularly this year. Why? Because I really enjoy looking back on past post and reading the story of that particular time.  You can’t do that on Facebook…it’s sort of like a online scrapbook.   

3) LOSE WEIGHT! Yes…you guessed it….LAZY!  I’m not looking to lose a particular amount of weight, just lose weight DSC_0880so that I’m healthier and feel better in my clothes.  This is a duel resolution since I’m on a mission to help Brian lose weight as well.  We both have packed some pounds on and we need to get healthy so that we will be around for a looooonnnnnngggggg time to enjoy all the exciting things to come in our lives. (graduations, marriages, grandbabies, trips abroad)

4) Focus more on my Etsy shop! This year I hope to keep il_570xN_193356045my shop well stocked with fun and funky new things, which will hopefully result in more sales.  I’m also going to promote my shop more.  I’m not really good at this, so my goal is to work on this more.    







Let the year begin!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Nan's Happenings said...

Well I should just copy and paste most of your blog over to mine. I too have been feeling guilty about mine..So I about to go into mine and write Happy New year but thought I would see if you had added anything new and low and behold there was Conner and his boat back in Nov..Shame shame on me...You are so right about face book taking all our time..Maybe I should give that up this year...
Love you guys