December 26, 2009

I've not been so good about keeping my blog updated. I've let Facebook take over in the "blog" area. Things have been quite busy the past three months to say the least. October brought a new drug treatment for Caitlin. She is now taking Humira shots every other week and they have been a blessing so far. (fingers crossed) They have changed her life to say the least. She feels 10,000 times better and has no pain and her strength is coming back. She looks wonderful and I'm just thrilled for her. November brought Thanksgiving and a ruptured Achilles tendon for Brian. He had surgery on December 2nd and is on crutches with a cast until the 30th. He will get the cast off then and get some kind of adjustable boot thing he will have to wear for 3 months (my nerve is wearing thin....). Conner started his high school swim season and is doing great. He was Swimmer of the Week a few weeks ago, which was exciting. Caitlin and Conner are both on Christmas break and I am on vacation. I'm loving it. :) That's about it. I'm hoping the new year will bring great health and lots of wonderful memories for everyone. Happy Holidays!