August 22, 2009

1st Apartment!

Well.....we moved Caitlin into her 1st apartment on Thursday. She headed back to school and this year she and two other girls will be living in a 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom apartment. It's a nice size apartment, I was surprised at the size of the bedrooms. Not as large as her one here at home, but much larger than the dorm.

We got up early and headed out. One of her roomies, Rachel, was already there and unpacking with her mom. Her other roomie, Laura, didn't move in until Friday so we didn't get a chance to see her room all decorated up. The apartment comes furnished with a couch, love seat, end tables, coffee table, dining table and 4 chairs, beds, dressers and desks in the rooms.

Caitlin and I started to unpack while Conner and Brian went to buy cleaning supplies. The apartment was in pretty good condition...but the blinds were filthy. I think her room turned out pretty darn cute. She has some space on her walls that she will need to fill in with photos or something, but it is a cute room and perfect for her. We hung wires up and pinned up photos for now, but she can pin up other things as time goes on and change it up. All in all I like and and I think she loves it. (and that is all that matters!)

We left her around 4:00 our time. It was A LOT harder this year than last year. Maybe because she's in an apartment or because I'm not there to watch over her, or probably the biggest reason is because I enjoy having her around. My mom will be coming out next week for a few days and I'm going to take her over to visit Caitlin and see her new apartment (keep it clean Cait!) I'm hoping I can talk my mom into making a few dishes that we can freeze and take for Caitlin to put in her freezer......especially since the first call I got when I got home went something like this... "hello" -me "Rachel, where is the fire extinguisher?"-Cait "Caitlin!?!"-me "hold on mom....I know we have one, where did we put it?" -Cait "What are you burning?" -me "Well, we are trying to make the frozen pizza"- Cait Need I say more?

If you look closely in the bowl on the dressser, you can see "scoot" the black goldfish that will be sharing the room with Caitlin.

August 16, 2009

Summer in a nut shell

I've not been good about posting on my blog this summer. Partly because we've had a busy summer, partly because I'm on Facebook now and partly because I'm just lazy. So here is our summer in a nut shell!

1) My garden has grown like crazy. I love going out and picking tomatos and peppers and making salsa on the spot. The onion has not done as well as hoped.

2) Caitlin went to Taste of Chicago and Lalapalooza with her besties this summer. She trained and taught swim lessons. I have LOVED having her home for the summer. She started guitar lessons with Conner and just loves to play. Her health is improving and she feels good. She celebrated her 19th birthday on August 4th.

3) Conner trained all summer and it paid off for him. He participated in the Age Group Swim Championships in July and came home with a GOLD medal in the 200 fly!!! In addition he brought home two Silvers, one Bronze, one 4th, one 5th, and one 7th...dropping time in all events. Well deserved!

5) Conner started school last Friday. :( And Caitlin moves into her new apartment on Thrusday. :(

6) We went to a wedding last night and had a blast! We had great company and had a fun time dancing the night hips will hurt for a month now!

That's about it........ The summer just flew by!