January 31, 2010

Little update for ya!!


Brian has had the go ahead from the doctor to stop wearing the boot. He's been hobbling around on it "free" the past week or so. For the first time in over 2 months I've had him grocery shopping with me and his excuse for not being able to pick up the dog poop is O V E R!!

Caitlin has been feeling GREAT! We went for a visit on the 23rd for her last home swim meet. She looks the best I've seen her since the Crohn's diagnosis. Brian's nephew John and his brother-in-law John Sr. came for a college visit. After the swim meet Caitlin showed them aoround the campus and we had dinner with her before we left. She traveled to Wisconsin this past weekend for a swim meet and swam GREAT! She is excited to be on the travel team for the Big 10 Conference meet in a few weeks. :)

Conner just swam in his H.S Conference swim meet this past Saturday. He swam life time best swims in the 100 fly (5th place with 57.06), 200 free (5 place with 152.85) the 200 med. relay (4th palce with his fly 26) and the 400 free relay (2nd place with his 100 free a 51.61). All of the boys on the team did an excellent job, we are proud of them all. They were seeded to come in 4th in the Conference, and they came in 2nd. I don't think there was a boy that didn't score. We are excited to see how he does with a taper. :)

I'm glad Brian can pick up the dog poop now. I'm THRILLED Caitlin is feeling so much better and is swimming well. And I'm excited to see how Conner finishes up his season.

That is all....goodbye. :)