April 26, 2011

Easter Pops

Just a quick post on my Easter cake pops.  I made some cute bunny and carrot cookies, but didn’t think to take a photo…duh.  I love the little chicks, not happy with the bunny ears (Jordan Almonds) and the lambs, while cute, were a pain the rear end to make.  DSC_0185





April 15, 2011

Mom’s Weekend 2011

This past weekend was Caitlin swim banquet along with mom’s weekend on campus.  Brian and I went up Friday  night for the banquet and, as always, Caitlin looked just beautiful!  
After the banquet Brian went back to the hotel and the girls and their mom’s hit the town!  Caitlin was MORE than excited to take me to the bars.  She actually said to the other mom’s “This is my moms first time out”!  Apparently I’m a loser that never went out when she was younger.  If she only knew how her Aunt Wendy and I knew every happy hour in Colorado Springs!   
So while we were out at Kamms….we went there because we got “free” glasses…..Caitlin and I were going to have a photo together when this young man decided he would be in our photo too!  Hind sight is 20/20, I should have snatched him up for Caitlin!  He was so cute and funny.  Oh well…it’s a fun memory.
We had a fantastic weekend just being together.  I will remember it always….it was just nice to be us.   Love you Cait.


April 7, 2011

Getting ready for PROM

This past weekend Conner “officially” asked his date, Jacqueline, to the prom.  He had “unofficially” asked her first to be sure she would say yes before he went to the trouble of thinking up a cute way to ask her.  Luckily she “unofficially” said yes.  I wonder if that is how you get asked to marry someone now too. 


Anyway, his idea was to write out a message on pieces of paper and stick each piece into a balloon….

Jacqueline ~ will ~ you ~ go ~ 2 ~ open box now ~

(these cookies were in the box)


~with me~

and then he held a bouquet of balloons with a cookie shaped like a ?. 


The original plan was to spread the balloons around her  yard (they were numbered the order she had to open them) but the wind was so bad, when we took the balloons out of the car they got all tangled.  Okay, plan B….put the tangled mess on her porch and ring the bell.

(I had to promise to sit in the car and not get out if I wanted to take photos)



Thankfully after all that work she “officially” said yes!