May 24, 2009

Yard Work

Way behind on the posting. Life has been busy. High school is winding down for Conner....1.5 weeks left! Caitlin came home just over a week ago. Glad to have her home. And, we've been doing some yard work.

We had quite a few dead spots from having two female dogs. So we dug up the bad stuff, put down clean dirt and seed. I can't tell you how nice and green the new grass is. It really came up thick. Couldn't be happier. We've planted some new perennials in the garden in hopes that in years to come the garden will be full of bright colorful flowers all summer. The bushes we planted last spring have done very well and look great.

And, I'm most excited to have a "salsa" garden. We've planted several types of tomato's, peppers and some red onions on our garden on the side of our garage. It's not a big garden, but it gets perfect sunlight. We've also planted a flower box herb garden on the deck. I'm excited to say we have lots and lots of tomato flowers and some actual tomato's growing on a few plants.