April 29, 2008

Work in progress!

This weekend I repainted our kitchen. I've hated the color I painted a few years ago and with Caitlin's graduation party coming up I figured it would be a great time to repaint and spruce things up a bit. I took some before photos and a few of what I've done so far. I love the new color a lot.

This is old drab yellow color with old dusty baskets etc. on top of the cabinets.

And here is the new color with some of my new accessories....I'm still working on the accessory part.

April 26, 2008

Spring flowers bring......sneezing

Here is a little puzzle for you......
What does this plus CONNER = ?????

It equals one very miserable young man. This the season for honking and snorting. Poor Conner has allergies to trees and this year the pollen count is overly high...just ask Diana's dad, he can tell you just how high it is. I don't need to ask, I can tell just by looking at the boy!

April 24, 2008

Ring that Bell!!

Today was Caitlin's Senior Presentation. This is when the seniors have to present the portfolios they've been working on for the last 4 years and give a speech about...well...something. So her speech was about swimming! I went along for moral support. We were going to meet in "senior circle" and go to the room together. When she was walking down the hall I looked at her but didn't even recognize her because she was in a dress!!! Now, if you don't know my daughter, she's probably worn a dress 3 times since 1st grade. She borrowed her friend Victoria's dress that she happened to wear to school today. Thanks Vic!

After the presentation the panel of teachers talk about it and then grade her. The senior then receives a certificate and they get to ring the bell in senior circle. Ringing the bell signifies that they passed and can graduate. Whooohoooo. But let me tell you just how heavy that darn bell is....it took the girl a try or two to get it to ring.
I can't believe that in a few short weeks she will be graduating high school. I still remember clearly the first day of kindergarten when Brian said to me "don't let her see you cry"...and I didn't. Sometimes I am sad because she is going to be leaving me...but then I stop and think of all of the wonderful experiences she will have in college, and I'm so excited for her.

Poor Conner....he will be stuck having to watch Grey's Anatomy and Oprah with me now! Sorry bud....someones got to do it.

April 21, 2008

Let the fun begin!

Well...here we go with my first blog. My friend Diana has been telling me forever that I should have a blog and I have forever been saying "nah..I don't have time". I finally decided that it would be a good way for me to keep in touch with my family and far away friends (and not so far away friends). I thought it would be a good way for them to know what is going on in our lives...which is really not a lot...so don't get too excited about reading this! Now, a special THANK YOU to Suzanne who was so wonderful to "pimp" my blog for me. She did an awesome job!! I especially love the photo of my kids. It's my favorite photo by far, it's just them being them.