May 24, 2010

Little Pink Houses for you and me....

Saturday I worked on a new idea for a bag and I love the way it turned out! It's a funky little pink house with an apple tree. The house has a little window box with flowers and the apple tree has a little birdie sitting in it. 

We also went to Hank and Diana's for dinner on Saturday along with the Bowlings. It was such a nice day and probably the first day in quite some time that it didn't actually rain!  We all sat out on their deck enjoying the evening...until Brian informed me that he erased the Greys Anatomy finale I DVR'ed on Thursday and had not watched yet!  Lucky for him I was able to watch it online and didn't have to divorce him.

Sunday I fell on my BIG BUTT after getting out of the shower!  I can't believe the size of the bruise on my bottom.  I told Brian that is was one "BIG A$$" bruise...literally!  Thankfully I didn't hit my tail bone.  But boy oh boy does it hurt to sit on it. I won't post a photo of it....that would just be wrong.

Here are my words of wisdom for this week:
 "Life is too short to dance with ugly boys"

May 20, 2010


Tonight I thought I would take a few photos of some flowers in my garden. I love flowers...I wish they would bloom all year round. The peonies are so big and heavy (just the way all beautiful things should be!!). I have no idea what the other flowers are, I just know they are beautiful. If only I could get Waffle to stop walking all over them!

May 14, 2010

The count down has begun...

3 more weeks until VACATION! I have to say that we are all looking forward to hitting the beach. We didn't get a vacation last year with everything else going this week is loooonnnngggg over due.
This is the view from the condo we are renting.

So to get ready, I've been collecting books to read while sitting on my lounge chair, on the beach, with my baseball cap and sunglasses on. I have a mix of books depending on my mood that day.

And you can't hit the beach without a good beach bag, so I made a new beach bag to take along. I LOVE the fabric. I think it looks so summery and beachy. It's large enough for all my beach gear and I can't wait to use it.

May 12, 2010

It's a tough life.........

I love my girls, this is what they do when I'm in my "crafty crap" room. It's a tough life.

May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!
Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Columbus. The weather was just perfect for some gardening. Yesterday I finished up my flower gardens by mulching and I think it looks great. I like the black mulch, I really think it makes the flowers stand out so much more.

Today my BFF and I went to the garden center and purchased our "salsa garden" plants. I wish I had a larger yard to have a full fledged garden, but I'm stuck with a little strip of flower garden on the one side of the house that gets great sun. I've got 6 different types of tomato's and 4 types of peppers. I DID NOT buy the habenero peppers this year! What was I thinking last year. However, they did give us a good laugh when Hank ate one and told Diana they were not hot and she put them in her bean dip....oops!
And no respectable garden is complete without gaudy yard art!! I purchased these cute little up cycled birds at the craft fair Cait and I went to during Mom's weekend. I love them. :)