April 24, 2010

Banquet & Mom's weekend

Last weekend was Cait's end of season banquet and also "mom's weekend" on campus. The banquet was on Friday night. Caitlin looked just BEAUTIFUL in her new dress. All the girls looked so pretty.....but Cait was the prettiest. ;)

Saturday morning we all went to breakfast together and then Brian and Conner headed home. Caitlin and I enjoyed a very, very nice weekend together. Saturday we went to the huge craft show they have at the Union. Then she had to get another study hour in so I took her laundry and washed it for her. (which she was happy). When I was done I picker her up and we headed to the mall. We did a little girl shopping and headed back to her apartment. The sophomore girls and their moms (and a few dads that were there) had dinner plans for "cook on the table" Japanese food at 8:30. We headed over there for a great dinner with great folks. It was a fun night. I got the pleasure of spending the night in Caitlin's apartment with her. There was music, banging, yelling, laughing and just a party going on alllllll night outside. I made it out alive. We enjoyed a nice breakfast together Sunday morning....and then off I went back home. It was a VERY enjoyable time and I had a TON of fun with her.

April 12, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Hi there fellow mom bloggers! My name is Denise and I live in Indiana with my wonderful family. My husband and I have been married for (OMG) 22 years! We have a beautiful 19 year old daughter that is a sophomore in college and a funny, funny 15 year old son that is a sophomore in high school. They are both competitive swimmers and keep us running between swim meets. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! We also have a chocolate lab named Barcleigh and a black lab named Waffle. Waffle was supposed to be a yellow lab, however,we ended up rescuing her.... but we liked the name, she's in therapy 3 days a week.
I work full time at a credit union in commercial lending....but in my spare time I love to craft. My passions are sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, painting things.....I have a little shop on Etsy called SandBoxStudio. I spend as much time as I can creating things....it's my therapy.
My best friend Diana is the ying to my yang. She is my sister from another mother. And my mother is the most perfect thing that God ever created. :) That's about it....that is my life. I love every single thing about it! (Welllllll...almost)

Etsy shop update!

I've updated my Etsy shop and I LOVE it. I've added some new items....farmers market bags and wine bottle bags. I love farmers market season and I wanted a nice, deep, CUTE bag to take with me so I made one. Then I made another one for my mom and another one for Diana....and then I couldn't stop! Here are some of the bags I've made.

I just love coming home and going into the guest room with my new "crafty crap" (as my family calls it) desk that Brian and I made. It's the perfect size and sits right in front of the window. The dogs just love to hang in there with me.