September 28, 2008

Blue and Orange Weekend!

This weekend was Caitlin's Blue and Orange meet. We headed up to Illinois on Friday night and spent the weekend with her....and we had a wonderful time! Saturday morning was their Blue and Orange meet where the team competes against each other. Caitlin was on the Blue team...which is fitting since it's her favorite color. After the meet the parents put a breakfast together on the lawn. It was nice to meet all the parents, they look to be a fun group.
We got to meet some of Caitlin's new found friends......and we just think they are GREAT! I took Caitlin and her friends Rachel and Elaine to the mall on Saturday night for something different to do. I couldn't be happier for Caitlin...she is so happy.
Sunday we went out to breakfast at a very nice restaurant and the food was very good. Afterwards we dropped Caitlin off and got a quick tour of the dorm facilities and then we were off for home. I'll be going to pick Caitlin up next weekend for a visit home since it's an off weekend for them.

September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Weekend to ME!

Monday will be my 40th birthday (I'm sure it is shocking to most of you!). My husband invited our best friends, the Wangs, to go to dinner to celebrate. Diana, being Diana, said she could have us over for dinner. Brian said...well I will order something out and bring it over... (Hello, insult to Diana, party planner extraordinaire) It's a good thing he let her take over because he ended up having to work all weekend since the plant was without power for 3 days.

First let me say that Diana is the BEST cook
in the world. Some of you may have seen some of her recipes Diana's famous apple pie, Diana's famous ribs, Diana's famous green beans, so on and so forth.... (all of which were served tonight) I can't tell you how enjoyable it was to share my birthday celebration with them. The food was great and the company was excellent. (I even got a hug from Tyler....twice!)
So Happy Birthday to me! Thank you to my best friend for taking such good care of me! Thank you to the Wang family for celebrating with me! Thanks Brian for the kind suggestion of going to dinner and then letting Diana make us dinner, it was much better than any restaurant meal. And thanks to Conner for being so darn cute! The only thing missing tonight was Caitlin. You missed a good dinner girl!

September 15, 2008

Dog Blog

Here is a little update on the dogs. Waffle is now 21 weeks old and is gaining on Barcleigh. She won't have the girth that Barcleigh has, but she will be taller. Brian and I have started to walk in the evenings. The first night we took both dogs....BIG mistake. I have been walking them together by myself, but only to the corner and back. I'm sure we were quite entertaining if someone stopped to watch us. Barcleigh pulls and pulls and pulls and Waffle goes in and out and up and down and around and behind and back again....all the while tangling herself up with Barc and us. So we've decided to take one at a time until Waffle is a little better trained at walking and Barcleigh stops pulling like she's a sled dog.
They have become my dogs. Well, Barcleigh already was and Waffle has decided that where ever I am she must be. So I am constantly tripping over the two of them, but I wouldn't have it any other way....they are my "girls".

September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Conner!!!!

Today is Conner's 14th birthday....... 14 years ago I was in the hospital with my oldest sister, Cindy, rubbing a raw spot on my head. She was trying to make me more comfortable and thought it would help to rub my head. Shortly after I had to tell her that it wasn't working, ole' 9 lb. 9 oz. Conner popped out letting everyone know he had arrived.

Conner got a new "Dare" phone for his birthday. It is quite the has a touch screen and has a MP3 player for music and videos and has a very nice camera. The phone will even read your text messages out loud to you. It's impressive.

Conner, you are a wonderful young man and I hope that this year holds many, many wonderful experiences and adventures for you. I love you!