March 26, 2011

It’s only money….right?

We’ve been looking for a good used car for Conner now that he can drive. (had to start double dosing on the drugs) We took him with us last weekend but didn’t find anything that fit our needs.  Do you know how hard it is to find a decent, dependable used car for around $10,000?  It’s bloody hard! 

This weekend Conner had to go on a retreat for confirmation so he was not home.  Brian and I decided to continue the search today.  We found a 2008 Ford Taurus that was actually a pretty nice car.  It had been well cared for and it was just slightly over our price range.  We put that car on our “could be a contender” list and went to another dealer that had an Camry that we looked at last week and this week was on sale.  After taking it for a ride and deciding that it really was a great car for Conner to drive we went in to start the negotiations.  I ran to the restroom first and when I came out they informed me that someone else had already put a deposit on it.  We could be a “back up” buyer if we wanted….no,we didn’t want….so we move on. 

Then we went to the Toyota dealer in town.  Last week they didn’t have anything but I wanted to go back just in case something had shown up.  There it was…sitting just waiting for us……a 2005 Toyota Solara.  As they do…a sales man pounced on us as soon as we got out of our car.  He informed us that someone had seen the car on line so the dealer brought it down for them to see.  But when the man realized that we were serious car buyers he informed us that they don’t hold cars and if we were interested in it we could look at it.  So we did…we drove it and loved it.  The carfax showed it was a one owner car and they regularly took the car to a dealership for maintenance, oil changes….tire rotations….etc.  (who does that?)  And while it’s a 2005 there are only 57,000 miles on it.  So we bought it.199172_10150121120567055_501692054_6713858_4682181_n


I sorta think that I may have to change cars with Conner often.  There are butt warmers in this car!  The only thing I will insist on in my next car is BUTT WARMERS!


We won’t mention the insurance cost to have a 16 year old boy on your insurance policy, it would just make you want to vomit.

March 7, 2011

Shew…it’s almost over, I feel a break coming.

These past few weeks have be hectic beyond belief.  First Big 10 Conference meet the same weeks as H.S Sectionals.  We were excited that Conner made it to H.S. State the next weekend!  Then the  Divisional swim meet was hosted at our pool so we had to work a few sessions, on top of Conner swimming 2 events to try and get the Senior State cut (which he got one cut and swam 2 life time bests…WTG Conner!) I had to finish the scrapbooks for the DSC_0089high school kids…nothing like waiting until a week before the banquet to get the darn things going!  AND….I had the grand idea to make frog cake pops for the banquet.  OOOOHHHHHHH…. and let’s not forget Barcleigh had surgery on Friday.  Which I’m thrilled to say she is fine (she is a senior citizen you know) and limping DSC_0091around on a wrapped up paw.  She’s milking it, I know….she’s no dummy.  Waffle is, but not Barcleigh.  She can play the sympathy card better than any kid out there.  And…we give in every time….  We have to put this bag on her paw every time she goes out. Is is sick to chuckle every time I watch her try and walk with it on? Clump..clump…clump…clump…


Oh and a few more important items for me to remember…Conner passed the driving part of his test, now he just needs to take the written part any time after the 10th.  He may need to wait until next weekend after he wraps up his winter season at Senior State this weekend.  Guess we will need to start looking for a car.