March 7, 2010

My new "Crafty Crap" desk

I have a new "crafty crap" (as Brian and Conner call my crafting) desk. I've been using a little alcove corner in the basement that I've outgrown and I had a great "idea" for a new working area. I found some bookshelves on sale at Wally-world for $27.00 each.....a piece of MDF for the top and a piece of trim....and VIOLA, a new desk!

Cheap shelves

Cheap help.

Putting it together.

Starting to look like something.

This is where Brian came in.

Wooo hoooo, getting closer.

A little primer.

I can't wait for it to be done.

All done....I LOVE IT~~~!!!

I had to rearrange the room to make it all fit, but I like the new arrangement a lot better. :)

Finished product.