January 27, 2011

Funky Frog Cake Pops!

I found some adorable cake pops while surfing the web on Bakerella’s website.  This woman make just AMAZING cake pops!  So my original thought was to make dice shaped cake pops for Bunco next week.  Since I’m hosting I wanted to do something different.  Well…I got to searching and saw frog pops and a light bulb went off in my head…..I will make frog balls (hehe) for the boys swim team’s Conference diner!  So I did, and I’m so happy that they somewhat resemble frogs.  Well, some do look like they may have gotten hit trying to cross the road, but they are boys and they eat anything!

So the quick low down on making cake balls…..

DSC_0930Buy a cake mix, frosting, candy coating, lollypop sticks, and whatever you want to decorate them with.  I originally bought frosting for the eyes but realized that it would smudge, so I bought fondant (not pictured) and made the eyes with that. 

1) Bake Cake.  Once it cools crumble it all up in a bowl.DSC_0909DSC_0931

2) Add about 3/4 of the frosting….mix it until it’s all smooched together.  Then shape into balls (or whatever DSC_0910shape you want).  I read that if you chill it before shaping it’s easier, but I didn’t have a hard time.


3) Melt some of the chocolate wafers and dip the stick into some chocolate and poke about 1/2 into ball.



4) Chill your balls!  Now…when you read a tip that DSC_0916says “don’t freeze them completely and then dip in the candy melt frozen or they will crack”.  THEY ARE RIGHT!  Learned that on the hard way.

5) Dip you balls in the candy melt and “tap, tap, tap”.  I found that by holding the stick in a somewhat upright position there was less of a chance of my ball falling off the stick.


6) I put the eyes on right away and they stuck perfectly.

7) Once they were set I drew on eyes and a mouth with DSC_0941edible markers.  And…there must be an easier way.  I had a hard time getting the marker to mark on the candy coating…but it worked out in the end. 

8)  Take your frog balls to your sons Conference Dinner and let everyone be impressed.  And if they are not, who cares…you’ve impressed yourself!


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Diana said...

I love you but I am not sure I can be your friend anymore as I WAS THE COOKER and you were the Crafty Crapper one....
I might be a little impressed but is that wax paper they are sitting on..hehe