June 23, 2008

First half of vacation....

On Monday we headed off to the Garden of the Gods to do a little sightseeing. While walking around the park a thunderstorm rolled in and cut our sightseeing a little short. So short we just made Conner get out in the rain so I could take a photo of the balancing rock. The beauty of this place always amazes me. I appreciate it so much more now that I am an adult and live away from here then when I did as a kid living here.

Kissing Camels

Balancing Rock

Tuesday my mom took Caitlin and myself to get manicures and pedicures and afterwards we went and had lunch. They boys stayed home and napped! The kids went to the local pool to have a swim workout and got to experience working out in high altitude.

And today we had our big adventure...white water rafting on the Arkansas River. Our guide was wonderful, he made the trip fun and exciting and he was so knowledgeable. We decided that next time we come out (which will hopefully be next summer) we will do a 2 day rafting trip where you camp out in the canyons.

Brian is front left, Conner is behind him, Caitlin is next to Conner on the right side (2nd back on right) and I'm in the back with the guide. There was another family on our raft....but they were not as fun as us!!!

And this..... this was a one of the motorcycle riders we came accross on Sunday. They were having a motorcycle shin-dig downtown and we came accross this guy and just had to get a shot....only in Colorado!

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Diana said...

For one brief moment I thought Caitlins feet were yours and thought OMG I love her silver shoes..then I look again and saw OLD FAITHFUL;-)
Your trip look like it is a lot of FUN!!! Your mama is so pretty!!