June 15, 2008

Sleep Over Party

Saturday night I emailed The Happy Lab Rescue man, Mike, and asked if he would be available for us to come over and see the puppy. Brian and Caitlin had not yet met the girl. He called me back and said that they would not be home, they were going to their son's for a fathers day outing. BUT...would we like to come pick Waffle up for the night and bring her back on Sunday night. Well...Yes we would. So off Conner and I went to pick Waffle up for our "sleep over".

Barcleigh, who didn't care about any of the pups when we took her to look at them, was THRILLED to have a pup at her home. Her own personal play thing. Waffle was not sure what to think of ole' Barcleigh at first (she can get a bit excited) but Barcleigh let her know that she was not a threat, she just wanted to play. So play they did....they wore themselves out.

Waffle did pretty well sleeping. We set up the old baby play pen in Conner's room (his request). She slept until about 2:30, then she started to whine. I took her out to potty and she did...both...and promtly went back to sleep....until 4:30 when she was up and ready to rock-n-roll. So Caitlin got up an played with her for a few mintues to help wear her out. Then at 6:30 Conner got up with her and fed her and took her outside then played with her to try and wear her out AGAIN. At 8:30 I took her out and fed her and she's be up and down all day.

She has great spunk and chases Barcleigh around with her mouth open as if she thinks she can actually catch her and drag her around. Barc is a good sport, even when Waffle grabed her tail and wouldn't let go while Barc went in circles to try and get away. She's pretty smart, she found that cold air comes from the vents and has been napping on top of them.

Conner's only request is that we actually let her sleep in our room when she is ready to move in full time......Well Mr. 59 fly, I don't think so...she's your dog, you won her fair and square!


Suzanne said...

Love the photos!I don't know how you can actually bring her back from the sleepover...she is SO darn cute!

susanb said...

She is so cute!! There is nothing better than a lab puppy!!!

Diana said...

She is CUTE..almost makes me want one (to keep at your house:)
We could name ours Syrup or Pancakes or Bacon..lol
The list goes on and on and on..