June 7, 2008

Meet Waffle

Last swim season Conner made a "deal" with Brian (deals are now outlawed in this house...it's costing me too much money and now this!). The deal was that if Conner broke a minute in the 100 fly we would get a new puppy. Mind you...this "deal" was made while Caitlin and I were in Ohio for the Big Ten swim championship. To be honest, I was not too worried since Conner was swimming a 100 fly in about 1:06.00 minutes. Well....the last meet of the season came, Age Group State, and Conner swam the 100 fly in 1: 00.51. The top 16 swimmers would come back for the finals in the evening. Conner slipped in on the 16th spot!!! By now the whole place knows that if Conner breaks a minute he gets a puppy. The team was there to cheer him on and when he came to the finish he didn't even look at the board....he said to his friend Sam, "Do I get a puppy?" and Sam said "YES!". Conner swam the 100 fly in a 59.98! He beat it by a whole .02 SECONDS!

So.....today Conner and I went to the Happy Labs Rescue to look at the litter of rescue labs they have for adoption. These pups were left at a shelter within hours of being born, they still had their umbilical cords on them. The staff called the Happy Lab Rescue and they went over and picked them up asap. They have been bottle fed and cared for by the Happy Lab folks for the past few weeks. We originally wanted to look for a yellow lab and name her "Waffle". But we decided that giving a home to a dog in need was more important than the color of their fur.
So, without further adieu.... meet Waffle, our black lab pup that will join our family in July. (she needs to be 8 weeks before they can release her to us)


susanb said...

Waffle is a beautiful puppy. There is nothing better!!!

Diana said...

I am still laughing:-)