July 2, 2008

2nd half of vacation....

Second half of our trip to Colorado........ Caitlin, my mom and myself went shopping in Manitou Springs and Old Colorado. (Manitou was actually during the 1st half and Old Colorado the 2nd half)
Then on Thursday we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This zoo is on the side of the Cheyenne Mountain and they have updated the zoo and if you ever are in Colorado Springs, it is worth the trip. The view of the Springs is just wonderful and the zoo is very enjoyable. Tip....take the trolley bus to the top and walk down!

Little thing I learned at the zoo....porcupines can climb trees! I had no idea. This porcupine was up in a tree just sitting there watching all the lookie-loos. This was the first porcupine I've ever seen, and he was so cute I wanted to take him home with me. On Friday afternoon after the ladies went shopping and the boys went and hit golf balls, we took the kids to the Olympic Training Center. They have been before, but Brian had not been in the past 20 years. We walked around and took a look at the pool. There were no swimmers present since they are all in Omaha NE for the Olympic Trials this week.
And on Friday night we went to our old hang out Old Chicago. (Around the World Beer tours). Well....20 years is a long time, and it just wasn't the same. Sadly it was just another chain restaurant. Still called Old Chicago and still had the beer tour....but the menu could have been from any chain restaurant. Oh well...afterwards we walked to the park where there was a band playing....they were AWFUL....so we went and got ice cream!

I want to thank my parents for a wonderful week. It was so nice to be home and smell my mom's house and sit on their back deck each night talking (even about religion...DAD!) We all had a wonderful, relaxing, fun week. Thanks Mom and Dad....I love you! xoxo


Diana said...

Sounds and looks like a FUN week!!! I am so GLAD you got to go back home and spend time with your parents!!! (even if I did miss you;)

Anonymous said...

I love you all too, Thank you for making that long drive...Glad you made it home safe, and Conner is feeling better. (You truly are my youngest favorite daughter)
PS Don't tell the girls :)

Anonymous said...

We sure are enjoying your blogs, Wish I could of been there to help you eat all that yummy cake. Congratulations to Connerboy....u iz da bomb!
Caitlin your tan and blond hair is going to knock all the socks off of all the college boy's feet. "U iz da Hottie"