June 23, 2008

Things that you see from Indiana to Colorado

Things you may see when driving 1100 miles from Indiana to Colorado with two teenagers, a chocolate lab, and a husband.......
While driving in Indiana, you may come across this unusually large cross. Conner's comment... "Yes, we are open!"

Driving in Missouri we past a set of "CHIPS"as we called them...this one looked just as I was taking the photo....good timing.

Yes....they do have cops in Kansas... Brian got to meet one up close and personal. Lucky for Brian the copper felt sorry for him having to drive with a wife, two kids, and a dog from Indiana to Colorado and just gave him a written warning....with the instructions that if he was pulled over again it would show up that he was given a warning. Well......I didn't have any warnings so we were good to go.....and if worse came to worse, Caitlin had her license with her......
Besides cops....this is the one other thing you see in Kansas...

And of course, if you grow that you would need one of these.... You could also see a field of windmills to power the state when the tornado's come through! Once in Colorado, the motorcycle riders become a lot more interesting.

And of course in Colorado you would find where the antelope play.

You wouldn't find these things on a trip from Indiana to Colorado unless they were in the car with you. The ride was long, but enjoyable with these guys. Barcleigh was a trooper and the kids were great. BUT, we were very glad to arrive!


Diana said...

Love the pictures!!!
The garage door is GREAT!!
All the "kids" have the same expression on their faces..
Hey Bark Bark..you big old MUTT:-)
Have fun!!!
Hi to your Parents.
Kiss Kiss
Hug Hug

Suzanne said...

It sounds like you are having quite an adventure so far! Enjoy the time with your family.