June 8, 2008

The Great Flood of 2008

We have survived the great flood of 2008! We were lucky ones, we don't have any flooding or damage to our home. Sadly, we can't say that about the rest of our town. We have several friends that have a long road to recovery ahead, and we will be there to help them any way we can.

The term "Flash Flood" means just that...it happens in a FLASH! We had a swim meet Saturday morning that was called off for the morning session because the rain and lightning. By noon the weather cleared up and they were able to run the afternoon session. Who knew that just north of us had 10" of rain and a broken dam? When the water started, it didn't stop, it just kept coming. I ran to Caitlin's work because I didn't want her driving in flooded conditions and no one there realized that they wouldn't make it home if they didn't leave right then. She and I didn't make it home either.....we drove around town trying to find a road that was open to cross the overflowing river, we didn't find one. The scene was like a bunch of rats trying to flee a flooding city....cars everywhere and people everywhere...but no place to go. We found our way to a Seymour and Brian got us a hotel room for the night. I65 was closed north bound from Seymour to Indy.

The pictures on the news were surreal, this town was not recognizable to me under water. The devastation is beyond belief. It is something that I won't ever forget. We pray that all our friends and our community will recover from this quickly and without great loss.
This last photo taken from my car was just the beginning of the flooding, while I was trying to get to Caitlin. It got much worse in the hours that followed.


Suzanne said...

Your pictures are amazing. It is hard to visualize the destruction from water. Glad to hear you are all safe and sound and yes there are many who will have a long road ahead of them.

susanb said...

Thank goodness you are safe. I have tried Diana's home, cell and email. Are they safe? I'm starting to worry!! Thanks