July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday dear Brian...Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my handyman, my bed warmer upper, the ying to my yang....my husband....Brian! Today he is 45 years old. Almost old enough to be my dad! (just kidding honey) Happy Birthday, I love you. :)

Did I mention that Brian and Conner can't take a serious photo to save their lives? And Caitlin wanted me to mention that she just got home from life guarding all day and had not showered yet.
I'm guessing that he's trying to be the Joker from Batman....honestly, he doesn't normally look so scary! Waffle started spinning around in a circle when we sang, so apparently that means she wants to sit at the table...
Poor Barcleigh, she's just too big to sit on anyones lap. But she sure is a pretty girl.


Diana said...

He does look a little like the Joker...I though I was Yang and you were Ying..oh thats right I am WANG not Yang..silly me:)
Happy Birthday Brian..we love ya even with your goofy faces!!

Suzanne said...

Great photos! Hope the birthday was filled with lots of love and laughter.