July 27, 2008

School Shopping

Today we went shopping for school clothes. It was actually very enjoyable with both kids. We went to one shop for Conner then one shop for Caitlin etc. etc. Caitlin bought some things that were "out of the norm" for her and is thrilled with her purchases. Conner is not as picky with clothes so he was pretty fast to shop for. Notice that Conner is just a bit taller than Caitlin.... 1.75 inches to be exact!


Diana said...

Caitlin looks like a college student and Conner is looking so much older..love the shorter hair!!!
Caitlin is sooo tan..she looks GREAT..not at ALL pastey like her MOM:-)

Suzanne said...

Great picture of the kids. It is amazing how light Caitlin's hair has gotten.