December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve!!

Happy New Years Eve! This past weekend we celebrated Christmas after the fact with some friends. We did a traveling party where we started at the Bowling's came to our house then on to the Wang's and finished up at the Tabler's. The kids had a great time playing Guitar Hero World Tour from house to house.

Tonight Conner and I are back to the Wang's for a New Year celebration. Brian has gone to New York for a few days to visit with his family and Caitlin left this morning for Puerto Rico for her Christmas training trip.

So now that the year has come to and end....we hope that the new year brings lots of wonderful and exciting adventures and memories for everyone.



Suzanne said...

Great photos! LOVE the editing :-} Happy new year to you and your family...hope 2009 is amazing!!

susanb said...

Happy New Year!!

Nan's Happenings said...

I love the way you highlighted Caitlin and Conners face, why did I not notice that before? oh yes it was new years eve and I was having my own little party :) Happy New Year!!!