December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel!

We have another happy birthday shout out..... this time it's going to Rachel! Happy Birthday Rachel, sorry I didn't get this posted on your birthday. Rachel is Caitlin's good friend that also swims for the Illini. I secretly think she could be my daughter....she scrapbooks, her favorite movie is "P.S. I Love You" and she makes up her own words. For instance, this weekend her "hip fell off" and they had to do the "rolly-polly" on her (hehe). Rachel we hope you had a wonderful birthday and we know that this next year will be full of wonderful and exciting adventures!! Happy Birthday kid!


Anonymous said...
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Rachel Japp said...

Thanks Mrs. Conroy! I fell off the chair laughing when Caitlin read the "hip fell off" part!

You're the best! See you soon! :)

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Rachel..a friend of Caitlins is a friend on mine:)
Park it!!!