January 19, 2009

Living a new life

As many of you know, Caitlin was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease this past week. While this is not what I want for my child....or any person for that matter....this is now her new life. She has not been feeling well for a while and we had her to the doctor a few times before she left on her Christmas training trip to Puerto Rico. The doctor said she was anemic and her estrogen was low. Okay....so she started iron pills. By the time she returned from Puerto Rico she was doubled over in pain. I went on line and started looking up her symptoms separately and Crohn's disease popped up. After a quick call to a friend that is an Internal Medicine doc, who had the same opinion, I was off to Illinois.

She was into the team doctor Monday morning, the GI doctor Monday afternoon and had a colonoscopy done on Tuesday. The test confirmed the diagnosis. While this disease is chronic, we were somewhat relieved to know what was wrong so that she could begin some sort of treatment. After a few days on the steroids she is feeling much better. Both doctors said there is no reason she can not swim and compete. She's already back in the pool and feels a lot better. Her statement to me was "I'm a swimmer, I've swam 20,000 miles, this disease won't stop me".


Diana said...

She is truly a amazing young women and I am so proud of her!! She has been through so much and has such a great attitude!!!
Hugs to Caitlin!!

Suzanne said...

Like you said it is good to have a name and now you know what can be done. It seems she is a strong young woman with the love and support of those around her she will do well.

Nan's Happenings said...

she is all of what Diana and Susanne said and more.Lets all think positive for a forever remission ...I too am so very proud of you Caitlin..U iz da gal... I am still shaking my head on tht 20,000 miles, thats like going from NY to Ca.seven times..How about this I'm thinking, fron US to England and back...umm or maybe nz and back...that is a lot of swim miles...Love u lots ...Nan

Jess said...

i was just diagnosed with chrone's disease today. i am trying to get a better understanding and will be starting pills this week. good luck to your daughter!