December 23, 2008

Is my nose bleeding?

A few weeks ago, Diana asked me if my family would like to go to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert with them on the 22nd. Of course we would love to go, I told her. TSO was coming to Indy and we thought it would be a great Christmas show. So Diana ordered the tickets on line and last night we headed up to Indy for the show. We (my family) arrived and parked in the huge parking garage with about 15,000 other people. We walked into Conseco Field House and headed up to the second level. I knew the seats were on the upper balcony since we were a little late in ordering them....and we all wanted to sit together. We walked out into the stadium and I was instantly dizzy from the height. We turn to find our row and seats. We start walking UP the stairs....and we walked....and we walked....and we walked. I could not bring myself to look behind me for fear that I would fall to my death. Finally, row 23. Just a note.....there was no row 24! We were seated at the VERY TOP of the stadium! Caitlin and I parked our butts down and refused to move. If someone was to get around us they would just have to climb over us....we WERE NOT standing up!

Other than the nose bleed I was worried would come at any minute, the show was quite spectacular. The music was phenomenal, the light show was amazing and the seats were....well, they were seats. We had a great time and truly enjoyed the show. I highly recommend to anyone that has the chance to see it....just order your tickets early!


Anonymous said...

Poor Diana..I am sure she had NO idea where these seats where and then you blog about it to make her look bad. I think that Diana sounds like a wonderful kind person!!!

Diana said...

It was a fun night...Thanks for going:)
I joined the fan club so NEXT year we can order early. My TSO #1 fan shirt is in the mail:)