May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!
Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Columbus. The weather was just perfect for some gardening. Yesterday I finished up my flower gardens by mulching and I think it looks great. I like the black mulch, I really think it makes the flowers stand out so much more.

Today my BFF and I went to the garden center and purchased our "salsa garden" plants. I wish I had a larger yard to have a full fledged garden, but I'm stuck with a little strip of flower garden on the one side of the house that gets great sun. I've got 6 different types of tomato's and 4 types of peppers. I DID NOT buy the habenero peppers this year! What was I thinking last year. However, they did give us a good laugh when Hank ate one and told Diana they were not hot and she put them in her bean dip....oops!
And no respectable garden is complete without gaudy yard art!! I purchased these cute little up cycled birds at the craft fair Cait and I went to during Mom's weekend. I love them. :)


Nan's Happenings said...

I just love the black mulch, and your plants look so nice...Dad will be so proud , I will show him.
It looks so nice a summery...

simpledaisy said...

Hi there!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
I know what you mean about blog surfing....I do it all the time! There are sooooo many creative people out there:)
Love your etsy shop too.....very cute:)