May 24, 2010

Little Pink Houses for you and me....

Saturday I worked on a new idea for a bag and I love the way it turned out! It's a funky little pink house with an apple tree. The house has a little window box with flowers and the apple tree has a little birdie sitting in it. 

We also went to Hank and Diana's for dinner on Saturday along with the Bowlings. It was such a nice day and probably the first day in quite some time that it didn't actually rain!  We all sat out on their deck enjoying the evening...until Brian informed me that he erased the Greys Anatomy finale I DVR'ed on Thursday and had not watched yet!  Lucky for him I was able to watch it online and didn't have to divorce him.

Sunday I fell on my BIG BUTT after getting out of the shower!  I can't believe the size of the bruise on my bottom.  I told Brian that is was one "BIG A$$" bruise...literally!  Thankfully I didn't hit my tail bone.  But boy oh boy does it hurt to sit on it. I won't post a photo of it....that would just be wrong.

Here are my words of wisdom for this week:
 "Life is too short to dance with ugly boys"


Diana said...

Love the I love my name highlighted like that:) It makes me feel soooo special!!

simpledaisy said...

Love it!!!!
So cute:)

grannyb said...

I want to see pictures of the bruise!! I only saw a glimpse of it in the doctor's kitchen!!

Denise said... that you? GrannyB? You only get one chance...after I've had a few drinks.