May 20, 2010


Tonight I thought I would take a few photos of some flowers in my garden. I love flowers...I wish they would bloom all year round. The peonies are so big and heavy (just the way all beautiful things should be!!). I have no idea what the other flowers are, I just know they are beautiful. If only I could get Waffle to stop walking all over them!


Diana said...

I love the flowers in the last the colors in them. Did you just get them or have you had them for awhile. I just might come dig them up and plant it in my yard and blame it on FlapJack:)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog off of another and love it but I really think you should talk about your BEAUTIFUL friend Diana more. It would make your blog even more special.

Rita from Rhode Island

Denise said...

Hi Rita from Rhode Island...that's pretty catchy. Please do not ask me to talk more about my friend goes to her head and then she can't fit through the doors.