January 31, 2009

Great Swimming Today!

Today was the boys Conference meet. It was one of the best swim meets I've seen in quite some time. All the boys had GREAT swims. Conner swam the 200 free and had a great RACE...and RACE it was. He raced with great heart today and dropped 4 seconds and 2 places. He was seeded 9th and came in 7th. The boys came in third....but there were only 9 points between 1st and 3rd. It was a race for 1st up until the very end. I know we had the most parents there and our girls team did a fantastic job cheering their "MEN" on. Each girl had a shirt with one or two boys names and when they turned around they spelled "We (heart) our boys". It was a fantastic day. GREAT JOB CONNER!!! We are so proud of you.
This is Maria....apparently Conner was her man! :)

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Suzanne said...

It sounds like an amazing day. I LOVE the girls shirts...they are great!! My question is what are the boys going to do for the girls??