September 28, 2008

Blue and Orange Weekend!

This weekend was Caitlin's Blue and Orange meet. We headed up to Illinois on Friday night and spent the weekend with her....and we had a wonderful time! Saturday morning was their Blue and Orange meet where the team competes against each other. Caitlin was on the Blue team...which is fitting since it's her favorite color. After the meet the parents put a breakfast together on the lawn. It was nice to meet all the parents, they look to be a fun group.
We got to meet some of Caitlin's new found friends......and we just think they are GREAT! I took Caitlin and her friends Rachel and Elaine to the mall on Saturday night for something different to do. I couldn't be happier for Caitlin...she is so happy.
Sunday we went out to breakfast at a very nice restaurant and the food was very good. Afterwards we dropped Caitlin off and got a quick tour of the dorm facilities and then we were off for home. I'll be going to pick Caitlin up next weekend for a visit home since it's an off weekend for them.


Diana said...

It looks and sounds like a FUN weekend!!!
Caitlin looks GREAT and is life seems to agree with her A LOT:)

Nan's Happenings said...

I just say "DITTO" to all that Diana says...
U and Brian look like ur walks r working....I wanna look like Catlin :)
call me

Hull Family said...

How wonderful you get to see her two weekends in a row! I'm thrilled to hear she has new friends and is having fun! Does that help take a little of the "sting" out of it for you? I truly hope so.