September 15, 2008

Dog Blog

Here is a little update on the dogs. Waffle is now 21 weeks old and is gaining on Barcleigh. She won't have the girth that Barcleigh has, but she will be taller. Brian and I have started to walk in the evenings. The first night we took both dogs....BIG mistake. I have been walking them together by myself, but only to the corner and back. I'm sure we were quite entertaining if someone stopped to watch us. Barcleigh pulls and pulls and pulls and Waffle goes in and out and up and down and around and behind and back again....all the while tangling herself up with Barc and us. So we've decided to take one at a time until Waffle is a little better trained at walking and Barcleigh stops pulling like she's a sled dog.
They have become my dogs. Well, Barcleigh already was and Waffle has decided that where ever I am she must be. So I am constantly tripping over the two of them, but I wouldn't have it any other way....they are my "girls".


Suzanne said...

Love the second photo...Barc is just smiling at the camera and waffle has NO idea what is going on.

Diana said...

I hate those *amn dogs..I thought I was "your girl"

susanb said...

These are such CUTE dogs!!!!

Nan's Happenings said...

Woff woff! ....Can't wait to meet my new grand-dogger Waffel, but when I visit plz don't ask me to walk
I c u r getting really fancy with ur the boarder, adds pizazz.


Caitlin said...

Aw... I miss my babies!