October 5, 2008

Weekend Visit

This weekend Caitlin came home for a visit. It was an off weekend for swimming so most of the girls went home for a visit. I left work early on Friday to go pick her up and (luckily) one of the girls lives in Kentucky and picked her up in Indianapolis this evening to take her back.

It was a nice relaxing weekend. I took her to get her hair trimmed and for a pedicure. But beyond that we pretty much relaxed at home. I think she was happy to sleep in her own bed and nap on her own couch. It was nice to hear the squabbling again. :)
Oh...and we watched a cute movie....."What happens in Vegas". It was quite entertaining if you are looking for a good movie to rent.


Diana said...
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Diana said...

I am glad you had a GREAT weekend:)
I am so happy for her..she look great and we need to find a weekend to go up. I want to go to one of her meets there..I got my TOGA all washed and ironed.
*I deleted my last comment as I said when instead of we..

Nan's Happenings said...

Grandkids lOOk great!! as usual... and grand-doggers look like they are living the doggers dream life.. Glad you had a nice weekend.

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend for your family. Even better that she had a ride back so you didn't have to go!