August 27, 2008

Caitlin update

Well, tomorrow will be one week since we dropped the girl off. She has called a few times and sounds EXTREMELY happy. She just loves it and is so happy to be there. She loves all the girls on the team and has made fast friends with most of them. The weekend was packed full of stuff for her to do...Quad Day, Fall Fest, physical, dorm meetings, and she even went to church on Sunday with some of the other girls. When she called the other day she said it was so fun "like a great big slumber party". with homework that is getting done...right? Speaking of homework, classes started on Monday. She said her math class has 400 people in it. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm sure not by much. She's had a few practices to ease them into the season which officially starts on Tuesday. She said they are hard and killing her but I think she's happy to be in the pool. I had a little "cry" day on Friday. But since then I don't feel sad at all, I can't be sad when I hear how happy she is. It just makes me so happy and thrilled for her. When she calls I just walk around like a fool with a huge smile on my face, and I want to tell everyone that she called and how happy she is. I just hope she's looking both ways when she crosses the street and puts sunscreen on when she's out in the sun. :-)


Suzanne said...

Glad to hear she is doing well and making friends. These will be the times she looks back on for the rest of her life and she will think of you and Brian for being there through it all!!

Diana said...

I am so happy she is loving it as I am getting use to her spot of the couch:)
She should start a BLOG so we can keep up with her.