August 31, 2008

Caitlin sighting

Today we got to see Caitlin for all of 4.5 minutes! She and some of her team mates went to Kentucky for the weekend. On the way back to campus they stopped by for a few minutes....and I mean a few. They were in and out. But it was nice to see her and the girls she was driving with. She got to have a good look at her room which I've spent two days cleaning. She looks so happy and I'm so happy for her. :)


Diana said...

OMG..she looks soo HAPPY and so PRETTY!!!

Suzanne said...

She does look like she is having a great time....glad to see she made the point of stopping by the house.

Hull Family said...

How wonderful she's been home already - and looking VERY happy.(even admitting you are her family!) Katie (and her laundry) will be home in two weeks. I can't wait! We've talked (texting counts, right?) every day so I still feel in touch. Today was the first day of classes. She was nervous but LOVED it! Thank goodness!