May 23, 2008

School is OUT!

Wednesday was Caitlin's last day of high school....FOREVER! And today was Conner's last day of middle school.....FOREVER! Next year I will have 2 Freshman.
Caitlin had a great last few days. The last day of school is "paper day" where the seniors throw paper in the hall's all day in between classes. She went through all her papers the day before and had a folder of papers that she didn't want or need ready to throw on Wednesday. Her friend Victoria showed up at school with a huge garbage bag loaded with papers to throw. Needless to say, they kept the clean up crew's busy cleaning up after them.
Conner's last day was today. They had their end of year dance today. Nope...he didn't dance, I already asked. But they let kids bring in their iPods to play song's, so he did that. That's kind of close to dancing.

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