May 4, 2008

Prom, 2008

Today was Caitlin's Senior Prom. Let me start with the fact that we had our living room painted today. The painter told me that it would only take about 5 hours and he would be done around 2:00. Okay, I thought, Caitlin's date wouldn't be here to pick her up until 4:30. That would give me time to put the room back together before he got here for pictures. 4:10 when the painter left, Brian and I, with the reluctant help of Conner, threw the room back together in short order.

Caitlin looked beautiful in her dress, she has such a natural beauty. She had a great, relaxing day. She slept in and lounged around until about 3:30 when she finally got in the shower. She blow dried her hair, put it in a pony tail and then I flipped it inside itself to make it a little fancy. Yesterday she had her nails done and got a pedicure with her girl friends. Fake nails always make you feel so pretty...I don't know why.

They went to dinner with a group of friends in a "Party Bus" that they rented. This "party bus" was an old school bus that had the seats replaced with benches and a table with a boom-box and cooler for drinks. The "party bus" was called "Ol' Shorty Express" It was perfect for them, especially since the kids try to out do each other in their rides to the prom. The streets are lined up with parents and friends and the kids drive by in whatever crazy ride they have and honk and and wave ect. They normally drive by a few times, in case someone may have missed them the first time or two around. This year they had the kids park in a corporate parking lot and then bussed them to the prom location. When they get dropped off they "walk the red carpet" around the building in which parents and friends have lined up. I'm not kidding when I say there are well over 3,000 spectators to cheer the kids on. (keep in mind, the prom is for both our high there are a lot of kids and a lot of parents to watch)

I think that getting to the prom is the funnest part of going to prom!!


Suzanne said...

She lookes beautiful. I am sure they had a great night. I want to know how much crying was going on with the parents?

Diana said...

How fun!!!
Love Love Love the BUS:-)
I think we should rent it for a MOMS NIGHT OUT!!
How FUN would that be.
Caitlin and the girls ALL looked BEAUTIFUL.