September 9, 2011

Summer catch up because I’m a bad blogger

I suck at blogging… I won’t lie.  So here’s the short version:

June: Went to Colorado to help my mom out when the old man had his knee replaced.  He didn’t know I was coming and I had this grand idea of how the surprise would go….I would walk in the hospital room and he would JUMP out of bed and walk on his new knee like it was a miracle!  This is what happened….I walked in the room and he said “oh, hi Cin”. (Cindy is my oldest sister).  WHAT!?!?!  Okay, we do look alike, and I should be happy because I out weigh her by about 40 lbs.  BUT really?…you didn’t recognize me, your FAVORITE daughter?  I really think it was the drugs…it had to be the drugs….


This is my beautiful mother, my sister Cindy, me, and my brother Rob.


July: Brian started a new job in July down in Spartanburg South Carolina.  He left 2 days after I got home from Colorado…so there was really no time to think about any of this…Conner swam at the senior state meet and had an AWOME meet…resulting in a few more colleges being interested in him…always a good thing.  And Brian got one year older.


August: August was quite a busy month….

DSC_0513Caitlin turned 21!

Conner had senior pictures.conner1

Conner had his wisdom teeth out.


We went to South Carolina to visit Brian.263201_10150263899132055_501692054_7805593_2798237_n

Caitlin had her wisdom teeth out. (and we now know that she must be a happy drunk!) 299003_10150267636302055_501692054_7846120_7424689_n

And Caitlin is now a senior in college and Conner is a senior in high school….and I find myself crying at the most inopportune times.

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