April 7, 2011

Getting ready for PROM

This past weekend Conner “officially” asked his date, Jacqueline, to the prom.  He had “unofficially” asked her first to be sure she would say yes before he went to the trouble of thinking up a cute way to ask her.  Luckily she “unofficially” said yes.  I wonder if that is how you get asked to marry someone now too. 


Anyway, his idea was to write out a message on pieces of paper and stick each piece into a balloon….

Jacqueline ~ will ~ you ~ go ~ 2 ~ open box now ~

(these cookies were in the box)


~with me~

and then he held a bouquet of balloons with a cookie shaped like a ?. 


The original plan was to spread the balloons around her  yard (they were numbered the order she had to open them) but the wind was so bad, when we took the balloons out of the car they got all tangled.  Okay, plan B….put the tangled mess on her porch and ring the bell.

(I had to promise to sit in the car and not get out if I wanted to take photos)



Thankfully after all that work she “officially” said yes! 

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Diana said...

I would hug him too if he came to my door with cookies..