February 16, 2011


It is that time of the year again where we are running from one swimming pool to the next.  Making food for pasta parties, bleaching hair, dDSC_0444ying hair, shaving hair.  Rushing to get all the crafty crap I started for the girls done in time.  All for these next few days.  Big Ten’s Swimming and Diving  and high school boys Sectionals!  And as of RIGHT NOW…45 minutes before I leave for the girls meet…I’m done!


Conner spent the last week or so with different shades of hair. First he bleaches it….then comes home and wonders why his head is on FIRE!   Then for girls state they dye it…..this year he chose a blue and green “half-n-half”…sorta like a Steak-n-Shake milk shake.


This year I made the girls draw string bags made from up-cycled tee shirts.  I think they turned out cute.  Last year I made these ugly dolls…they were a big hit…I hope they like the bags just as much.


And this year for the parent party room I made these cake balls! Love ‘em….love making them….love eating them…..just love, love, love ‘em!


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Diana said...

Ohhhh..I just don't think I can be your friend anymore..crafty and a baker. What has the WOLRD come to.