February 5, 2011

Bunco at my place~

DSC_0681Last night I hosted bunco at my home.  As usual, it was loud and crazy….just the way I like it!  We had 15 bunco’s all around last night.  There was even two bunco’s during the same round when one table had a bunco and the other table was still in play when someone had a bunco again!  So poor Julie, who got her first bunco EVER could only wear the crown for one split second before Isabelle came to claim her crown. 


DSC_0459I made some cake pops and cake balls for the evening.  I’m addicted!  The cake balls turned out nice…the dice pops were a little lacking, but were still cute.  I used almond bark on the dice and I found that it did not coat the cake as evenly DSC_0678as the candy coating. 


Well….off to cheer the LADY FROG’s onto Sectional VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

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