June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Today I would like to thank my father for...well...being my father.  So here goes.....

Dear Dad,
Thanks for being a great dad! Thanks for letting me stand on your feet while you walked....I loved that!  Thanks for chasing me around the kitchen and pretending that you didn't see me hiding in my hiding spot underneath that old counter top we had while you pretended to look for me.  Thanks for letting me play with your hair and put clips in it while you would watch t.v.  Thanks for letting me sneak candy out of your secret "goodie bag" (which really wasn't a secret, we all knew where it was and we all went in it when you were not looking!) Thanks for leaving me $2.00 on your dresser every morning for my lunch (people....$2.00 a day back in the day was a lot of money for lunch) Thanks for asking me to pull you finger...back then I thought it was funny. Thanks for being the best Pop to my children.  But most of all, thanks for always loving me.  I love you Dad. 

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