November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Week......

Last Friday night Diana came over and we "crafted". It took Diana a little bit to warm up to it but once we got going it was fun. I find it very relaxing and she found it a bit stressful! She'll get the hang of it when we get to working on our high school scrapbooks for the boys!

Conner had his first high school swim meet Tuesday. I think he may have been a bit nervous but he did a great job. It's the first time since we've lived here that the boys team is larger than the girls team. They used to have to scrimp and scrape to get one relay for each relay race and now they had three teams for each relay race. I'm excited for him and hope that he has a great season and lots of fun.

Caitlin came home on Sunday afternoon. She was able to watch Conner's meet which was nice. And today after practice they have "fun relays" with all the kids. It's always fun for the kids to swim and very fun for the parents to watch. They swim crazy things like freestyle with one foot out of the water or flippers on your hands while swimming feet first.

Later one we will be going to the Wang's for Thanksgiving Dinner. Dining with us will be the Jarrard's and the Freudenthaler's along with Diana's sister and her children. We are thankful that we have such wonderful friends to share the holiday with. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, have a wonderful day!!

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