November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Elaine!

Here is a little BIRTHDAY shout out to our friend Elaine! Elaine swims with Caitlin, but more importantly she is Caitlin's good friend....therefore, she's one of my "girls". When Elaine is 40 I'll be 61! Happy Birthday Elaine, we hope you had a fantastic day and hope that this year will be full of wonderful adventures and experiences for you.

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Maria Wilkinson said...

Hi Denise. I'm Maria, Elaine's mom. I would just like to clarify for those who do not know Elaine that she was wearing a Halloween costume when that picture was taken. She doesn't normally wear that outfit, at least when we're around. Thanks for her bday wishes and for adopting her as one of your girls. Elaine is lucky to have Caitlin as a very good friend.