April 24, 2008

Ring that Bell!!

Today was Caitlin's Senior Presentation. This is when the seniors have to present the portfolios they've been working on for the last 4 years and give a speech about...well...something. So her speech was about swimming! I went along for moral support. We were going to meet in "senior circle" and go to the room together. When she was walking down the hall I looked at her but didn't even recognize her because she was in a dress!!! Now, if you don't know my daughter, she's probably worn a dress 3 times since 1st grade. She borrowed her friend Victoria's dress that she happened to wear to school today. Thanks Vic!

After the presentation the panel of teachers talk about it and then grade her. The senior then receives a certificate and they get to ring the bell in senior circle. Ringing the bell signifies that they passed and can graduate. Whooohoooo. But let me tell you just how heavy that darn bell is....it took the girl a try or two to get it to ring.
I can't believe that in a few short weeks she will be graduating high school. I still remember clearly the first day of kindergarten when Brian said to me "don't let her see you cry"...and I didn't. Sometimes I am sad because she is going to be leaving me...but then I stop and think of all of the wonderful experiences she will have in college, and I'm so excited for her.

Poor Conner....he will be stuck having to watch Grey's Anatomy and Oprah with me now! Sorry bud....someones got to do it.


Anonymous said...

Momma...good stuff! I think about all of the times that she annoyed me...and yet, I sit here crying about how much I am going to miss her...whether she calls me a "crazy old man" or takes my couch or refuse to give up the remote control or the funnier times when she blames you for my high blood pressure. I am so going to miss her. What a wonderful ride it has been watching her grow into a wonderful, brilliant, confident and beautiful woman. I want my little baby back...the one that cried when I didn't put her socks on right or when I screwed her pony tail up. Where did that girl go? She really loved her Daddy.

Suzanne said...

OK....I don't think Brian should be allowed to post any more, I am crying. What a sap. Congrats on the accomplishment and I agree she is quite a beautiful young woman.

Diana said...

She is such a pretty girl!!! Just like her "Anti Diana".
I will miss her smiling face too:)
BUT just think of all the fun WE will have going to visit and going to the college party's.
Toga Toga Toga (I am practicing:)