April 26, 2008

Spring flowers bring......sneezing

Here is a little puzzle for you......
What does this plus CONNER = ?????

It equals one very miserable young man. This the season for honking and snorting. Poor Conner has allergies to trees and this year the pollen count is overly high...just ask Diana's dad, he can tell you just how high it is. I don't need to ask, I can tell just by looking at the boy!


Diana said...

It was over 3000 today. I forgot to give you the "Update".
Poor kid!!!

Suzanne said...

I have to say I was happy to read it was allergies. He looks like he ran into a tree. I hope he gets some releif soon....he does look miserable.

Anonymous said...

The pollen count this week was over 3000.
(Diana's dad)