August 8, 2010

15th Annual FFY Triathlon

Yesterday Conner  participated with two other young men in the 15th annual FFY Triathlon.  Conner was the swimmer, Neal was the biker and Aaron was the runner.  These young men did an AWSOME job and came in 1st for the relays and (if they counted it) 1st over all!  This was Conner’s first try at participating in the triathlon.  The other guys decided at the last minute to put a team together (Tuesday) and asked Conner if he would swim.  He was thrilled to do it. DSC_1232

His friend and swim team teammate, Nicholas, (who’s mom Diana is my BFF) also participated on a relay.  They went down to the lake a few days before hand and practiced together.  They started in the same wave and got out of the water at the same time! 


The one other highlight of the day was that we got to meet Allen Smith from the Biggest Loser! He is from Columbus and was also participating in a relay.  He was sooooo kind to stop and take some photos with us. AND THE BEST PART?!?!?! He made our photo with him his profile pic on Facebook!  How cool is that?  We really cheered for him while he was on the show, not only because he was our home town hero, but because he was one of the nicest most genuine players in the game. 


It was a great day, we had a TON of fun watching the race and seeing Conner, Nicholas and their team mates do such an excellent job.  Next year they decided they want to to the whole thing themselves.  I really hope that they do!

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