July 20, 2010


This past weekend my beautiful mom flew in to visit.  She is going to drive back to Colorado with my sister so that she won't have to make the drive alone. That is what a good mom she is....she is willing to drive through Kansas for her daughter!  She is such a good mom that she flew into Indianapolis and waited 3 hours for me to come pick her up after work just to get in the car and drive 3.5 hours to Chicago! This was AFTER she had actually flown into Chicago and changed planes.  She could have just stayed there and Caitlin (who we were going up to watch swim) could have picked her up and taken her to our hotel.....but no, she is a good mom and flew to Indy so that I didn't have to drive to Chicago alone. 

We've had a great time in Chicago.  We watched Caitlin swim and had a nice lunch with her and her friend Brit.  We then headed over to Ikea and spent a few hours traipsing around the massive store.  I was in heaven.  Today we went up to Indy and did a little shopping.  Tomorrow my sister should arrive with her two dogs.....plus my two dogs.....our neighbors will be thrilled.  I love my mom. :)

Here is a little update on my garden....we've been picking tomato's and peppers already, but we got our first zucchini.  It was HUGE....we had no idea it was there hidden in the plant.  It got a little too big, but we still cooked it up.  I picked a perfect smaller one yesterday and we added it to our spaghetti.  YUM!

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